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Calibration & Test Cassette Tape for Speed, Wow & Flutter, Azimuth
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Calibration & Test Cassette Tape for Speed, Wow & Flutter, Azimuth ($38)

Located in Wien (1***)

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I am offering a high quality calibration and alignment tape for your cassette deck, walkman, boom box etc.

Contents (4 min sine signals followed by 10 sec silence):

  3000 Hz,   -4 dB
  3150 Hz,   -4 dB
  8000 Hz, -10 dB 
10000 Hz, -10 dB
12500 Hz, -12 dB
15000 Hz, -18 dB

The tones are recorded on new old stock Sony FX or HF Type I tapes (60 or 90 min, depending on availability). I have tested lots of tape shells on different machines and these produce the most accurate and consistent results (except for the UX-S Type II with guide block). Record bias is precisely adjusted for each individual tape.
The machine used for recording is a pristine Sony TC-KA6ES, a top-of-the-line deck from 1995 and the last model of its kind. Back in the day, “Stereoplay” magazine ranked it ahead of the Nakamichi Dragon and CR7, Revox B215 etc. The quartz-lock results in perfect recording speed across the entire tape, with a very small margin of error (± 2 Hz) and the direct drive mechanism ensures very little W&F (< 0.02% RMS and < 0.04% peak).

Levels and azimuth are checked before each recording using original Sony test tapes and adjusted if necessary.

Each tape is individually verified on a Nakamichi BX-300E.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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