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Nakamichi 680ZX APS polypropylene capacitors, Orange caps.
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Nakamichi 680ZX APS polypropylene capacitors, Orange caps. ($92)

Located in wien (1***)

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Accurate polypropylene capacitors made in japan.

Same high-end characteristics like the orange 

Nissei capacitors used by Nakamichi from 1979 to 1990.

Matched to the Nakamichi service manuals for recommended 

J and G tolerances.

Same physical size like the old orange capacitors. 

All of them are radial leaded.

This kits are available for all Nakamichi decks.

PB Dolby NR.  
C115, C215 PP 0.033µF / 100V
C116, C216 PP 4700P / 100V
Rec. Amp.  
C141, C241 PP 330P /100V    
Bias Osc.  
C318 PP 0.068µF / 100V
C321, C322 PP 4700P / 100V 
Tone Osc.  
C314 PP 560P / 100V 
Indicator P.C.B  
C901 PP 4700P / 100V     
C902 PP 0.01µF /100V
C903 PP 330P / 100V
Rec. Dolby NR.  
C166, C266 PP 3000P
C169, C269 PP 4700P / 100V 
C170, C270 PP 0.033µF / 100V
C179, C279 PP 680P / 100V

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