SONUS FABER Principia 5,floorstanding speaker black 1Paar,LP1100,NEU in OVP
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SONUS FABER Principia 5,floorstanding speaker black 1Paar,LP1100,NEU in OVP (€899.00)

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SONUS FABER Principia 5 2Way Standlautsprecher floorstanding speaker black 1Paar

Principia is a new entry-level series from Sonus faber, made for all music lovers looking for uncomplicated, attractive speakers for modern living spaces. Developed by the Italian engineers Principia-Line is characterized by the Sonus faber usual excellent sound quality and design language.

The series consists of two shelf models, two floor models and a center speaker, so the Principia series is equally suitable for 2 channel stereo music as for home cinema applications. After the success of the Chameleon series, Sonus faber wants to make high-end audio affordable for everyone with the Principia collection. The five passive speakers of the Principia collection have a close connection to the Chameleon series, both in terms of technology and design.

Key design features such as the trapezoidal shape and the brushed aluminum finish are reminiscent of the Chameleon siblings. In the chassis, the 29-millimeter calotte has made the technology transfer, all other chassis have been redeveloped for the Principias: All Principia speakers have the same high-quality 29mm tweeter as the Chameleon models, its textile membrane with DKM technology is coated to optimize their rigidity. For all the other drivers, Sonus faber also went for the elaborate and repeatedly chosen way to develop series from scratch on the Principia collection - so the newly designed midrange and bass chassis are only used in the Principia speakers.

The Principia speakers are available in immaculately crafted black vinyl that blends in well with classic and contemporary decor styles.

Spezifikationen - Sonus Faber - Principia 5
Hersteller /Manufacturer:Sonus Faber
Produktname /Product name:Principia 5
Produktart /Product type:Standlautsprecher / floorstanding loudspeakers
Lautsprechersystem /Loudspeaker system:2-Wege-System (Standbox) mit Bassreflexöffnung / 2-way system (floorstanding vented box) with bass reflex opening
Hochtöner /Tweeter:29 mm hohe, vorbeschichtete Stoffkuppel im Sonus Faber Design / 
29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome in Sonus Faber design
Mitteltöner /Midwoofer:2 x 150 mm, freies Kompression-Korb-Design und PP Kegel, ultra dynamische Leistung und Linearität im Sonus Faber Design / 
2 x 150 mm, free compression basket design and PP cone, ultra dynamic performance and linearity in Sonus Faber design
Übernahmefrequenz /Crossover point:2.500 Hz
Frequenzumfang /Frequency response:40 Hz – 25.000 Hz
Empfindlichkeit (2.831 V / 1 M) /Sensitivity (2.831 V / 1 M):90 dB SPL
Nominale Impedanz /Nominal impedance:4 Ohm
Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung /Suggested amplifier power output:40W – 250W, ohne Clipping / without clipping
Maximale, dauerhafte Belastbarkeit (IEC-268-5) /Long-term max input voltage (IEC-268-5):22V rms
Farbe /Colour:schwarz / black
Abmessungen (H x B x T) /Dimensions (H x W x D):1000 mm x 250 mm x 280 mm
Gewicht pro Lautsprecher /Weight for each speaker:13,2 kg

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